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Long Weekend in Ontario

Like the saying goes: “Time flies when you’re having fun”. Well, that’s true, but I also believe that time will fly even if you’re busy and not having fun, but thankfully, this past weekend was tons of fun!

For most people in Ontario, this weekend was a three day weekend because of a provincial holiday called “Civic Holiday”.
I didn’t waste any time this weekend. I started off Saturday having a Breakfast out with Amy at a local restaurant called “Dapp’s Restaurant”. The restaurant has been there forever and the base of clientele they have established is immense! Almost everyone that dines in is a “regular”.  I don’t think Amy and I are too far from attaining that title; maybe just need to age another 50 years or so first to gain some seniority. The price of food is excellent, with the most expensive Breakfast meal being around 12.50$ and the cheapest I remember seeing was around 6.95$; you don’t find many deals like that these days, most restaurants overprice all of their food, especially the orange juice, don’t even get me started with the orange juice! Several restaurants have a machine that mixes a concentrated-juicy syrup with water to produce what you call your Breakfast orange juice; there are no free refills and they charge you about 3$ for a medium sized glass. Redonkulous if you ask me…

After a delicious Breakfast, I walked over to “Riverside Music” for my 3rd Piano lesson; I want to be modest, but truly, I am catching on very fast to the theory and of course the practical portion of the instrument. Maybe its because I have so much interest in learning? At the moment, all I have is a simple 150$ keyboard, without a full set of keys and the keys themselves aren’t even weighted, I’m missing the pedals too. I was looking at the “Casio Privia 350BK”, I think that’s the name of it… Anyways, it seems like a good bang for my buck and it’s somewhat affordable for a person that doesn’t have thousands to dish out but is still serious about learning how to play the Piano.

To finish up Saturday, I headed over to a coworkers house with my good friend Jon for a surprise Birthday party hosted for her husband’s 40th birthday. I picked up a bottle of wine for him named “Guilty Men”, I thought it would give them some laughs for sure, I’ll have to find out tomorrow. It was a good night, complete with good people, good drinks, good food and good fun. Jon and I played “Horseshoes” against a few other people, but had our asses kicked every time; I don’t think the game was made for us at all, or maybe it was, but just to have our asses kicked at it all the time!

I woke up early on Sunday to get an early start on a day full of “Antiquing” with my good friend Jon. We headed out into a town called “Bloomfield” (sounds like a name out of a “Silent Hill” movie), to start our adventure and worked our way out to Picton to finish it. The entire time was spent in what’s called “Prince Edward County”, where many vineyards and microbreweries/craft breweries are located due to the outlay of the landscape and excellent conditions in the area. I didn’t really find anything other than a “Banana stand”, which really isn’t an antique to begin with, but there were several of treasures that I did run into that I couldn’t quite afford at the moment; perhaps next time I’ll come back with more treasures!

As soon as I returned home, I packed up my gym gear and biked down to CFB Trenton’s gymnasium for a lengthy workout of about two hours. The bike ride to the gym and back was just shy of 8km too.

Today, Amy and I drove out to Belleville in search of a new, high-quality frying pan. Yep, we destroyed our old crappy one from Zellers… Let’s just say you get what you pay for. This new one we bought is a brand called “Panderno”, it’s apparently a brand that’s used amongst the professionals in the cooking industry. The pan is obviously non-stick, you can stick it into the oven at up to 750 F and it has a 25 year warranty; I guess that alone shows that “Paderno” truly believes in the quality of their own product if they’re willing to give a warranty that will last so long. Did you know? Apparently cooking sprays such as “PAM” are not good for your pan, it damages it! Apparently it’s better to just use cooking oil and nothing else.

Amy and I just got back from the base’s outdoor pool; nothing like a refreshing swim on a hot and sunny day!

Well, time to practice on my Piano, the next lesson is tomorrow!

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Love your Heart!

Did you know?

Just 15 minutes of cardio a day could extend your lifespan for an additional 3 years?

Ladies and Gents, exercise is absolutely important for a healthy and happy life; a mere 15 minutes is all you need! No excuses!
Every now and then, I’ll be writing these small “tid bits” if you want to call them, basically random facts and information to fill time in when I’m not out traveling or doing something ultra exciting! Hope you enjoy the new additions!

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No pain, no game.

Been working my ass and mind off, physically and mentally to reach some personal goals. Physically, I’ve been training with about two workouts a day, everyday to become more physically toned, build endurance and cardio. I’ve been bouncing between intense workouts at the gym and at the martial arts club I practice at: Patenaude’s Fang Shen Do style Kung-Fu. Mentally, I’ve been re-training myself, studying and being tested to bring myself back up to the standard I require to work independently on the aircraft. If you go two months without flying, you temporarily lose your qualification, so you’re placed within a “Standards” cell to bring yourself back up to the standard to take back your qualification. Of course, I was gone for several months in Wainwright, Alberta, so there was no way at all to preserve my qualification. That’s okay though, because I will have it back within just a few weeks and it doesn’t change what I’m physically doing in my job: traveling the world!

I’ve probably mentioned it in an earlier post, but I’ve already traveled to 18 countries in just 3 years. Keep a close eye on my blog, because in just a few weeks from now, that number is going to shoot up from 18 to 23 countries and I’m going to some really exotic places that most people will never go to in their life, or may not even heard of in her life! I can’t mention them now though, so you’re going to just have to deal with the suspense! What a tease, right?

Tonight, I have another great Kung-Fu class to look forward to and tomorrow, I spend the day mission planning for my next gig in the air!

I’ve finally reached four years of service within the Canadian Forces, so at any given time, I could be receiving a promotion to the next rank: “Leading Seaman” which is the Army equivalent of “Corporal”. With a promotion, you deal with more responsibilities, seniority and a pay increase of course, which I am really looking forward to!
With a bit more cash coming in every month, I’m thinking of taking up some music lessons (if time permits)… I’d love to learn the Electric Keyboard and there’s a place in town that is giving lessons for a very fair price. I’ve only studied Music for a short period in school, about two years or so, but I picked it up really fast.

Time to cook up a healthy Supper!

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