Las Vegas: Day 5

Man, oh man… I’m exhausted. Amy and I spent a full day and night all over the city, didn’t come back until 3am.

We started the day off by visiting the massive M&M store, which extends a full four floors upwards. Each floor is just loaded with an abundant of M&M merchandise, it’s actually a bit overwhelming! They have a “candy station” where you can compile a bag of your favorite M&Ms with your favorite colors and the price of the bag is determined by the weight. It’s a bit pricey, about 11.99$ per pound.
If you’re a Coca-Cola fan, well, you’ll be happy to hear that is a monstrous Coca-Cola merchandise store directly beside the M&M one, selling the Coke label in just about every single product you can imagine!

We were bummed to find out that the “Sega Gameworks” arcade located beside the M&M factory was undergoing complete renovation. I’m not sure if they actually closed down and they’re opening up something else or if it is just renovation.

We picked up some M&Ms then walked over to “New York-New York” where we rode the roller coaster located on the top of the hotel; damn was it ever an adrenaline-pumping thrill! It’s about 14$ a person or 25$ for an unlimited all day pass, but if you’re Military, you only have to pay half price for each ticket. So take advantage of that!

We hit up Fremont Street again to play up the slots, get some more frozen drinks at “Le Bayou” and watch some live entertainment. It never gets old because there is always new performers doing something different than what you have already seen. We went over to the video game bar-arcade called “Insert Coins”; the music was pumping and I was so excited to get in, but then that idea went down the drain because they won’t allow you to enter the bar with a backpack on and they didn’t have any place for me to store it, so looks like Amy and I will have to try at it again tonight without the backpack.

Time to get some grub!


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