Las Vegas: Day 4

Already Day 4 in Sin City… Time flies when you’re having fun, that’s for sure.

Yesterday, Amy and I started off our morning by going to the hotel called “Paris”. A replica of the Eiffel Tower stands in front of the hotel and you can pay to take an elevator to the top. Walking through the casino / hotel itself, we noticed that they designed the interior to look like you’re walking in the streets of Paris; cobblestone streets, little bakeries here and there. The ceiling itself was impressive; they designed it seem like you’re looking at a real sky, but obviously, you’re not, it does play tricks with your mind though.
Walking through the streets of “Paris” we ran into a small establishment called “Le Creperie”. Basically, this little restaurant makes crepes, both Breakfast and Supper ones. Amy had a crepe loaded with cheese and shrimp while I wolfed down a crepe that was loaded with Parisian ham, cheese and some light cream sauce draped over top. The price was fair, being in the center of the New Vegas strip and all; about 11-13$ per loaded crepe.

After our delicious Breakfast, we caught the “SDX” bus to Old Vegas (Fremont St.) where we spent the day casino-hopping and walking back and forth on the strip admiring all the talented buskers. We gambled at a bunch of the casinos, you know, the classics like the: Golden Nugget, Sam Boyd’s, Four Queens. We didn’t win anything huge, but we did win enough to pay for our Lunch and a Supper of Steak and Lobster and Tony Roma’s and then break even at the end of the night, which I think is a pretty sweet deal; a free day of food and fun!
I just wanted to point out that it is true, the slots on Fremont Street are definitely more loose and the odds of winning are much higher than what I experienced on the New Vegas Strip. So if you plan to gamble on the slots, definitely save your money for Fremont St. Also, it is true that all the drinks are dirt cheap on Fremont St as well. Every casino is competing for the lowest prices so they can drag you into their establishment. Some casinos will have 1$ Margaritas and 2$ Coronas, while another casino offers a 5$ pitcher of beer! Another tip: Go to the casino called “Le Bayou”, it’s a very small casino located on the strip, featuring a frozen cocktail bar at the back of the casino. You can purchase a monstrous frozen drink for 14$, which lets you keep the tube that you bought and then afterwards, as long as you have kept that tube, refills are only 8$! Because the casino is so small, waitresses will always come by and serve drinks to you frequently when you’re playing the slots. I think this place is a hidden gem in the streets of Vegas.
If you really want to save on some good food, go to “Sam Boy’s on Fremont Casino”, they have a Tony Roma’s restaurant there featuring an everyday special on Steak & Lobster starting at 11.99$ I believe it was. Keep in mind, the special doesn’t start until 9pm, but show up at 840pm so you get in quick and get a good seat; trust me, that’s what Amy and I did and we got a cozy and comfortable booth in the corner of the restaurant.

Walking along Fremont Street, we ran into a restaurant called “Heart Attack Grill”, you can also eat free there, as long as you’re over 350lbs and there’s a scale outside to prove it too. All the waitresses are dressed in your typical hot nurse uniform and serving you food such as: Triple-Bypass Burger, Quadruple-Bypass Burger, Coronary Dog while you have to sit in a hospital gown. They also a feature a “Butterfat” milkshake, which they claim in the fattest milkshake in the United States!

Walking on from that heart-stopping restaurant, we ran into a bar called “Insert Coins”. Now this has to be one of the coolest places I’ve ever heard of, it’s a video game arcade-bar! You basically order up drinks while you play in an arcade full of classic arcade games, everything you can imagine! The only thing that was a bummer was the fact that it’s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Amy and I plan to head back maybe tonight or some other time this week.

Tomorrow, we have what’s called the “Vegas Mob Tour & Experience”, gonna have a look back on Vegas’ deep and dark history.

Here’s a few quick snaps I took yesterday:

Four Queens & Sam Boyd's Casino on Fremont Street

Four Queens & Sam Boyd’s Casino on Fremont Street

Fremont Street

Fremont Street

Heart Attack Grill: Over 350lbs eat for free!

Heart Attack Grill: Over 350lbs eat for free!





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