Las Vegas: Day 2

Second day in Vegas and this time we started it off with a late Breakfast / early Lunch at the “Earl of Sandwich” in the “Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort”. You may not be the biggest fan of sandwiches because to some people, a sandwich is just boring, it lacks character, especially if you’re in a place like Vegas where it offers you a huge variety of restaurants to select from. The creator of this particular restaurant actually has family roots connecting to the man who created the sandwich and the family recipes have been passed down through generations until it has reached these chain of restaurants.
I took a “Caribbean Jerk Chicken” sandwich to eat and Amy took a “Turkey with Cranberries and Stuffing”, so damn delicious I tell you, I highly recommend you try it at least once. Also, most food in Vegas is quite expensive and overpriced, it’s difficult to find anything reasonably price on the new Vegas strip, but this restaurant actually has quite a good deal; 5-6$ for a sandwich, that’s borderline cheaper than Subway!

After Breakfast, instead of catching a cab to the “North Premium Outlets”, we took a bus line called the “SDX” which is abbreviated for “Strip & Downtown Express”. It’s a bus that stops at all the major locations on the strip, Fremont St and both the North and South outlet stores. It’s only 8$/person for 24hrs unlimited use, 20$ for 3-day use, that’s a pretty damn good deal considering a 1-way cab from the strip to Fremont St could cost you 15-20$ alone. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and catch the “SDX” if you plan to do a lot of traveling around the strip and city, especially if you enjoy sightseeing.

The “North Premium Outlets” has a whopping 150 stores, so it took Amy and I a full day to traverse across the lot of them. You have almost all your favorite brands and the best part is, all the prices are significantly reduced compared to what you’ll find in your shopping mall back home. There are ALWAYS sales going on at every store: “Buy 1 get 1 free”, “50% off or more”… Most stores usually have some serious deals going on, none of those crappy clearance sales with ugly clothes you’ll see back home or a lame 5$ off the regular price.

Amy and I spent several hundreds upgrading our wardrobe, I think my wallet is screaming a bit, but I just checked out him, he’s doing alright.

Also, a tip that was passed on to me from a friend; for those that are Military and plan to do some shopping around Vegas, keep in mind that there are Military discounts for just about everything! Almost every store will give you an additional 10% off your total price, even if the item was already marked 50% off, they can stack discounts! I must have saved close to 150$ yesterday!

The last store that we stopped at was called: “Famous Footware”. Amy was buying a new pair of shoes and I asked the Gentleman if there was a Military discount. He told me “Ahh… Sorry sir, we don’t have a Military discount, but I really do wish I could give you one, I’m ex-military myself”. He started scanning the item and then paused for a moment, he turned to his manager and told her that he wants to give us the “Employee” discount. The manager wasn’t too impressed, but he didn’t care one bit. They punched some buttons into the system and then “BAM!” 81$ shoes all of the sudden became 56$ shoes. I truly was impressed and touched by what he did, even though we don’t work for the same Military, we have a strong bond and he felt that he could help a brother out, he would and he did.

Whoever thought shopping could be so exhausting? Amy and I passed out as soon as we got back, we’re now up early and there’s lots of things we plan on doing today, but not sure if we’ll get them all done. Might have to spread it all out through all the days that we’re here.

Here’s a list of a few things we would like to do and that we are going to do today:

  • Check out the “South Premium Outlets”
  • Check out the M&M Factory and Sega Gameworks Arcade
  • Check out the Stratosphere Hotel
  • Check out the “Old Vegas” Fremont St
  • Go to the Cirque du Soleil show: Le Reve @ 7pm
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