Las Vegas: Day 1

Unfortunate to hear about the plane crash in San Francisco yesterday; thankfully Amy and I were not on that plane, we are safe and sound in the vibrant city of Las Vegas!

We’re currently staying at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino right smack-dab center of the new Vegas strip. We haven’t had enough time here yet to explore the entire premises of the hotel, but I’ll tell you what our initial impressions/experiences were:

45 minute wait in the hotel check-in line (Although, I think that is common with most hotels here)

The room itself appeared to be in good order, until we noticed two missing lightbulbs. Also, the white on the bed appeared to have some darker stains on it and the pink bed cover seemed a bit faded. There is no fridge in the room but we do have a beautiful view! We do have to keep in mind though that that is one of the older hotels on the strip and a tad less expensive than the other newer luxury hotels.

Last night, we went to see a show called “The Mentalist”. It’s a magic/illusionist show starring “Gerry McCambridge” who also wrote script and starred in the the television series “The Mentalist” a few years back.

His illusions were impressive! A few volunteers from the audience were chosen to take part in his act and I happened to be one of the lucky ones that he randomly selected. Blindfolded and never had met before, he was able to tell the audience about things in my life that only people that were as close as friends or family would know. He even mentioned things about Amy too. How he did it? I have no idea… Apparently it’s all in “illusion”, but I mean, what he was doing was pretty much reading my mind. Man, we have so much more to learn about in this world.

Today, Amy and I are heading off to some Outlet Stores in the North-end of Vegas, where we’ll do some shopping for a new wardrobe. For those of you that don’t know, “Outlet Stores” in the United States are the best places to find your favorite brands of clothing at bargain prices. You will never find deals like it anywhere else and that’s guaranteed!

Here are some quick snaps I took from my phone last night:

Bellagio Fountains, moving to the music of Celine Dion.

Bellagio Fountains, moving to the music of Celine Dion.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

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One thought on “Las Vegas: Day 1

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    personal fitness that make alot of sense and are worth putting into practise. All the best
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